Myvanillacard: Vanilla Gift Card Login, Registration And Card Activation Procedure

Gift cards are very popular in the modern-day. It is probably one of the best gift options. There are many private companies that are involved in issuing gift cards under several Bank names, which they have partnered with. These cards help the users to shop for various products online and also in offline stores. So are you one of those people who loves using gift cards or frequently gift them to others? Then you must know the process of activating gift cards. We are going to guide you to show the steps of Vanilla gift card activation.

What is Vanilla Gift Card?

A vanilla gift card is issued by the vanilla company. The company is involved in issuing vanilla visa gift cards and other debit and credit cards. It has partnered with the meta bank and the bank corp for issuing the cards. There are thousands of people who use these gift cards or visa cards on a daily basis. The customer can find the name of the bank written on the card itself if they want to know the bank which has issued the card. There are a few things that all the customers need to know before buying or gifting a vanilla gift card.

There are multiple private companies that are involved in the business of selling gift cards online as well as offline. So if you are about to buy a gift card for yourself or for someone else as well, you must know certain things beforehand. One thing which is common in all the gift cards is the activation procedure. The customers have to activate the gift card use and various methods in order to get started. They cannot directly use the card for shopping online. Hence, we are going to guide you through the steps of activating in visa gift cards issued by vanilla.

Vanilla Gift Card Login, Registration And Card Activation Procedure

What Is Myvanillacard?

Myvanillacard is the secure and simple card, that help users to deal with Online Transactions. These Cards are made very simple and easy to use. Myvanillacard comes with tons of possibilities because these cards are not a Credit Card. There is no personal information you need to verify. Myvanillacard is prepaid cards that can be used anywhere on the places VISA or MasterCard Debit Card is accepted. You just need to select the Vanilla either Vanilla MasterCard or VISA Debit card. any Vanilla Debit Cards that have Funds Added either through direct deposit or VanillaDirect Load. You just need to stay Updated On your Account and Check the Text Alerts, Through this process, you are able to Check Transactions and Mynanillacard Balance right way. Also, you are able to Transfer Funds securely between other Vanilla card Accounts.

How to Activate Vanilla gift cards?

There are two methods using which the users can activate their vanilla visa gift card. The customers can do it online using the official website of the company or call them manually in order to activate the visa card. However, there are certain steps that are essential if you want to get your gift card activated online without any hassle. The customer must create an account on the official website of the vanilla Visa Card. Moreover, they will also have to log in to the website in order to attach their card to the account and get it activated easily.

Procedure to Create Account on My Vanilla Card – Myvanillacard Register

As mentioned earlier, creating an account online on my Vanilla card is the first step to get your card activated. Vanilla visa gift cards can be activated online through the My Vanilla card portal. The procedure to create the account is very simple and is quite similar to all other websites. Hence, anyone can create an account easily. It is important because you will have to enter the username and password while activating the visa gift card online. So follow the simple steps given below and get your account created.

  • Open the internet browser
  • Go to the official website of vanilla gift cards.
  • The URL of the website is
  • On the left-hand top side corner of the screen, there is an option to register yourself
  • Click on register now and you will be taken to the registration page
  • Enter your name and email address and also the username and password which you want
  • After having completed the form, click on submit now
  • This will complete the registration procedure and your account will be established on the portal.

How To Login Into Myvanillacard Account?

If you are Vanilla Gift Card Holder then you need to Register your Card first. After creating your account at successfully, You can easily Login your Account Online. Here below is the step by step Guide for Myvanillacard Account Login:

  1. Visit the Official Website, In the Homepage section, here you will find a sign in box. Just you need to Enter your Username and Password.
  2. If you are new user do not have a username and password, then you need to create your account. For this Simply click On the Set Up Your Card tab or the Account Setup link.
  3. Both these options will take you to the same screen. This screen is the same as the previous activation steps; please follow accordingly.
  4. There is also a Forgot Password link if you cannot remember your password. You will need your username login or the email you registered with in order to reset your password.

Vanilla Gift Card Online Activation Procedure

Once the account has been created on the online portal of the vanilla card, customers can use it to get their cards activated. The procedure of card activation is very simple and you do not require anything other than the card details. Make sure that you have the card present in front of you while carrying on the activation procedure of the visa card. Follow the simple steps given below and you will be set to use your gift cards online or offline within a few minutes.

  • go to my Vanilla Card website and login to your account using the credentials
  • the username and password should be similar to what you had set during the registration procedure
  • On the homepage, click on the card activation button and you will be taken to the activation page
  • Enter the card number and expiry date as mentioned on the physical card
  • also, fill up other necessary details and click on continue
  • activation code will be sent to the registered email id and you need to confirm it
  • The vanilla Visa card will be activated after confirming the code that has been sent to your email address.

Vanilla Gift Card Login, Registration And Card Activation Procedure

Vanilla Visa Card Activation By Call

My Vanilla card also provides the facility to activate the gift cards using the telephone service. The customers can simply call on the given number and get their card activated without the need of going to the website and doing it manually.

  • Keep your card handy and dial the number 1-800-571-1376.
  • follow the instructions on the call and select the language which you prefer
  • Select the option for activating the visa card
  • to enter the vanilla Visa Card number and the expiry date along with the activation code.
  • Other details must also be entered as required
  • The activation procedure will be completed and the confirmation message will be sent to you shortly
  • the gift card will be activated successfully and the customer can use it online.

How to Check MyVanillaCard Balance?

When you login to your account using Official website then you can easily check your account balance. Also, you are able to view Past Transactions, Deposits and Pending Reloads to your Card. In case you are looking to check Myvanillacard Balance, then you need to visit website. after visiting the Oficial Website, you are able to Check Your Balance which helps in knowing when to recharge. It also helps in drawing money, when you can know that your account has money. You can also check your account balance, and transaction history by calling to the Customer Support at 1-855-686-9513 if you ever need assistance. With that, you are able to easily check your account balance of MyVanillaCard. These are the different things that you need to use this MyVanilla Prepaid Debit Card.

Contact Details

The customers can contact the below-given details in case there encounter any trouble during the card activation procedure.

Phone number – 1-800-571-1376

Website –

Final Words

This post gives a detailed guide of activating in the visa gift cards issued by vanilla. Both the online procedure of gift card activation and the process of activating gift card using the telephone number has been discussed. We have also shared the account creation procedure.

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