Mygiftcardsite Activate And Check Balance Of Your Prepaid VISA & MasterCard

Mygiftcardsite is one of the best online Prepaid Gift Card Portals. By using this portal cardholders are encouraged to register their gift card on Mygiftcardsite to keep track of their usage, check their card information at once, check the card balance anytime from their Mobile or PC, and see the transaction history of their card. more importantly, after registering your prepaid gift card, you are also allowed to make online transactions with your Card.

You will learn how to access login help, checking balance correctly, registration guide, reviews, FAQs, and contact details, along with other features of Upon sign-up, the Prepaid Card owner will be able to check card statements, evaluate card balances, and do other dealings. is the ideal place where users can manage their Prepaid Visa Gift Cards and Prepaid MasterCard Gift Cards.

Prepaid Visa Gift Cards or Prepaid MasterCard Gift Cards are useable cards that individuals gith to others. The cards always come in various preloaded denominations. Whether online or in local shops, Prepaid Visa Gift Cards and the Prepaid MasterCard Gift Cards can be redeemed anywhere in America. To start utilizing the card, you have to make an account online first. The cards are also not reloadable, however, be smart when using your card and are sure your card number is secured during any transaction. There are many advantages you can get from, like payment of bills, acquiring services during a family vacation, and more.



About Portal

Make use of the link to access the Mygiftcardsite portal. Wait for the page to load and sign in to your account. The right 1-800 number to use is 1-866-952-5653. Some users make the mistake of utilizing the wrong 1-800 number from the front of the Gift card. Lastly, input your Card Number and Card Security Code and solve the captcha.

Features And Benefits of Mygiftcardsite

  • You can shop online or bring them to any physical stores for purchasing your goods.
  • Most prepaid gift cards have a fixed value, which means these cards can be used like credit cards for all sorts of purchases.
  • It’s always hard to find the best gift for recipients but Prepaid VISA and MasterCard take the stress out of sending Gifts.
  • You are able to personalize your gift card with photos, messages, or the recipient’s name.

Why Should I Register My Gift Card

Register your prepaid card at The user can access every accessible feature like viewing card balance and checking past dealings when he or she has registered to the website. The site offers convenience in checking how much more you can buy using your card and the local or online stores where you have made a purchase with your card. There aren’t any hidden charges for using the site, which is another advantage for the users.

The Best Place To Use MyGiftCard

Transaction problems are sometimes unavoidable. Nevertheless, you are less likely to experience them if you’re familiar with the policies, terms, and agreements imposed by the website. By doing this, you could communicate well with the management. To put it simply, your life is better when you have online access to the gift cards you own.


How to Register Gift Card At

Open in your browser and type your card number and card security code to log in. Card registration will also need you to solve a captcha code. Once done, you can use your personal computer or phone to enter the site.

  • Go through the official web portal of mygiftcardsite at
  • Now Enter your unique 16-digit card number along with your code. It is a 16-digit security code on the back of the card.
  • Now submit the captcha verification code.
  • Press Enter to complete the activation process and avail yourself of the services offered by this card.

How to Check Your Gift Card Balance at

If you’d like to check your balance, you may either call 24/7 customer assistance or go to the site. The procedure is just fast and simple.

Online balance checking may be performed by simply signing in to your account and making use of your valid card number and security code. The technique is simple and fast if you follow the instructions properly. Here’s the guide to checking your balance with ease.

Your card info is extremely important in checking your balance. Fill up the blank field with your gift card number. Below, key in your security code. Check out the back of your card for the 3-digit Card Security Code. Be sure to enter it as it is. You will not be able to log in to your account if you enter the characters improperly. Take a look at the image provided and copy its characters. Click the login button so you could finally check the balance of your account.

Contact Number of Mygiftcardssite Customer Support

The only working customer care phone number for, that we are aware of is 1-866-952-5653. A number is a toll-free number. FAQ.

The following are the questions usually asked on the Mygiftcardssite portal.

Question 1: How can I utilize Prepaid Visa® Gift Card?

Answer: There’s a certain amount of money in the Prepaid Card that you could spend. You could use the Prepaid Visa Gift Card to buy what you want any place in the US the Visa Debit Card is accepted, as well.

Question 2: Why is the Prepaid Visa Gift Card different from other gift cards?

Answer: There is no limit to which store you could only the Prepaid Visa Gift Card, not like other gift cards which could only be used in specific stores, as long as it is located in the US.

Question 3: Does the Prepaid Visa Gift Card work as a credit card?

Answer: No, only the set amount in the Prepaid Visa Gift Card can be spent. The amount on the card lessens each time a purchase is made.

Question 4: Which Denominations can I buy?

Answer: Cards contain amounts of $15, $20, $20, $25, $50, and $100. Variable load cards are accessible in $20-500$ denominations. Nonetheless, all the said denominations may not be available in just one retailer.

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