Complete Steps To Activate Your VISA & MasterCard Gift Card At

Finding the Perfect Gift for your Recipient is very Typical Task And when you don’t have Idea about Sending Gift you can’t go Wrong with Giving the Gift cards.

You may Give your recipient a Perfect Gift by Sending them Gift Cards which may be used to Purchase in All the Stores which Accept the VISA & Mastercard Gift Cards.

Prepaid Gift cards are Well Known and the most Popular way to Send Wishes to your Beloved Ones. In USA & Canada, Most of the Banks provide the Gift Cards to the Account Holders to Buy Gifts free from the Stores.

It is Completely Free to Register and Users can Easily Utilize it. with the Online Access, you can easily Find the Useful Sites of Gift Cards and is one of them. is the Largest Gift Card Service Website, also this Company Sells Gift Cards for Different Large Corporate Retailers and Small Business Including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy etc.

Also, Mygiftcardsite Website Offers the Prepaid VISA & Mastercard Gift cards which is the best Monetary Gifts for your Dear Ones.

Mygiftcardsite is properly Designed for Prepaid Gift Card Holders. By Accessing this Website you can Easily Register, Activate, Manage, Login And Check your Prepaid Gift Card Balances Online.

Mygiftcardsite Website saves you the time and Resource you would need trying to figure out which gift card to send. With their online software, you will be in the best position to know exactly which gift card to send and when to send it.

Mygiftcardsite Portal is not only Allow you to Pay your Regular Bills but also Allow you to Spend your Holidays with your Friends, Family And your best Ones, you can make an Online Shopping and take their services and benefits.

It is very Important to Know that you can Use the Gift Card Only for the Genuine Transactions which will be Increase the credibility of your Prepaid Gift Cards and Activities Like Festival Shopping, Family Vacation and Payment of Utility Bills.

Termination of your Account depends Upon compliance of policies So You should Ensure to follow all the Procedures Honestly.



Benefits Of Using Website-

If you’re Using Mygiftcardsite Website on the first Time then you need to know the Advantages that comes with Using Gift Cards from here’re some Features & Advantages of Website:

  • By Using the mygiftcardsite Portal You can Get Rid of the Responsibility of choosing the Perfect Gifts for Your Recipient. It is designed in a manner that will allow flexibility giving your recipient the liberty to purchase anything they want with it.
  • The Gift Cards from Mygiftcardsite Website Grants your Friends, Family And Dear Ones the freedom to Get Practically anything they want therefore saving you from the embarrassment of having to Gift something your friend isn’t comfortable with. It is sadly unfortunate that many people out of ignorance may present you with the Various Gifts Most of which means less or totally nothing to you. Using this service, therefore, saves you from such awkwardness.
  • By Using Website You can Easily Save Yourself a lot of Energy and time you would have to spend Making Rounds in stores Looking for the gift. This time will be spent by your friend and fortunately, they can even redeem it online from the comfort of their homes.
  • By Using the Website You can Easily Register, Login, Manage, Activate And Check your Prepaid VISA & Mastercard Balances Online at any time and from anywhere.

Mygiftcardsite Activate Your Gift Cards-

If you’ve Recently Purchased your Prepaid Gift Card then or If you’re Using the Prepaid Gift Card on the first Time then you have to Activate your Gift Card for buying Gifts for your Recipients.

Activating your Prepaid Gift Card and Checking its Balance is now the Easy Process. Because Website Allow its Users of the VISA & MasterCard Gift Cards to Activate their Card and to check their balance as well.

The Process of doing such is so easy and will not take up a lot of your time. With this online facility, you will be able to easily keep track of your account which helps you in determining how much amount is left on your Gift Card.

Before you can Make Use of Website Only You Need to Provide some Information Related to your Gift Card. Once the system Recognizes Your Gift Card, it will automatically Provide you with your Available Balance so you will know how much money to spend the next time you shop using Your Gift Card.

Step by Step Process of Activating of Your Gift Card at Mygiftcardsite-

Mygiftcardsite is the Website that is Providing You Online Account to Activate Your Prepaid Gift Card in Easiest Way. Only you need to Register Your Prepaid Gift Card by Visiting the Website of

Here is the Guide of Mygiftcardsite Registration/Sign Up And Login Process. And After Successful Creating an Account at Website you can easily Activate your Prepaid VISA & Mastercard Gift Cards. 


  • To access Mygiftcardsite Website you will see pop-up windows to get Additional Information About Your Account so it is necessary to turn off your pop-up blocker to use the Website.
  • You need to have the Correct Login Details for website Otherwise You will not be able to Access this website. Login/Sign In Process-

Logging into the website is very Simple. Only you need to Follow the steps below so that you can start Activating your Gift Cards Online.

  • At First Visit to the website.
  • Now Get your Gift Card Ready so that you can Provide Your Gift Card Number. This will enable you to Log in and Check your Account online.
  • Now Provide Your Gift Card Number and Card Security Code on the fields Provided for them. Make sure that the Gift Card Number and Security Code are Accurate.

Note: The security code is the last three digits on the panel of your card. It is at the back of your card, beside your signature. Make sure that you keep this safe – never let anyone see and remember your security code for your own security.

  • Now Enter the code or captcha below the code number and security code fields.
  • Now Hit the ‘Log In’ button.


Mygiftcardsite Activation Process-

For the activation of your VISA or MasterCard, you can Use Pop-up windows are used to provide you with Additional Information on this site.

If you are using Pop-up blocker software you may not be able to see full information on the site. So to get the complete picture you need to disable Pop-up blocker software.

You Need to Enter the first six digits of your Prepaid Gift card Number to Login and you will have to follow the process in order to activate it.

You will need an Updated Browser with JavaScript. This website is not visible on Google due to certain reasons So you need to Direct Copy-Paste the link at web Browser address bar. Here below is the Complete Step by Step Guide For Mygiftcardsite Activation :

  • Step 1: Use the site URL given on the back of your card:
  • Step 2: Enter the unique 16-digit number of your card in addition to the 3-digit card security code printed on the card’s backside.
  • Step 3: Now Key in the Captcha code displayed in the picture below.
  • Step 4: Press Enter to complete the activation process or check the balance on your card.

Note: Please be cautious when using your gift card. If you let people know your card number and 3 digit security code then they can spend your funds on the card.

Important To Note:

On your card, you can see the activation sticker that will reflect code like 800# that is incorrect. You have to type code like this (834)455-34536.

Checking your Prepaid Visa or MasterCard Balance Online-

After Activating Your VISA & Mastercard Gift Cards now you can easily Check Mygiftcardsite Balance Online. For that, at first, you need to Enter the Web Address/URL for the Mygiftcardsite website into your browser’s Address Bar and then hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

That way, you will be taken to the MyGiftCardSite website. Upon Getting to MyGiftCardSite, as required, Enter the Gift Card Number, the Card Security code, and the provided Captcha Code.

Then click on the “Log in” Button. Once you are Logged in, you will be Able to see the Prepaid Visa Gift Card or Prepaid MasterCard Gift Card Balance Online.

You will also be able to Carry out various Card Management Tasks for your Prepaid Visa Gift Card or Prepaid MasterCard gift card online by visiting at the MyGiftCardSite website.

Visa and MasterCard Gift Cards are indeed to the Best form of Gifts that you can Give These Days. A lot of times, we tend to find ourselves worrying about what kind of gift to give to someone who is celebrating a special event in his or her life.

So if you cannot think of anything to give that person, why not give him these Gift Cards? He will Obviously be happy about it, especially since he can easily keep track of the Gift Card Balance by simply Logging in at Website.

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